What’s the best running GPS?

Keeping track of your activities as a runner, swimmer or cyclist provides great advantage. You can measure your progress and know what to do to improve on it. This is what a running GPS does for you. If you’re thinking about buying one of the best TomTom Truckers GPS in the market, you’re in the right place.

Suunto Ambit2 S

This running GPS is smart, easy to use and can quickly be adapted from running to swimming and to other areas of physical activities. It can help runners track their speed, and bikers track their bike power and cadence. Swimmers will also be able to know their lap numbers, pace and stroke count. The watch has a surface that makes it look like a normal watch. This watch has a programmable pause to break feature, which can be very useful for athletes that regularly run into red lights.

Garmin forerunner 220

This running watch is a super tech machine that is designed for the modern runner. Its most valuable features include touchscreen display, high resolution and full color. It also has basic features that include tracking of heart and pace rate and distance tracking, and you can set it to automatically pause and resume sessions with respect to your speed. The watch is equipped to send data to the Garmin connect system, which gives you the power to track your performance live. The connect system can also feed your activities on social media and send you free training tips.

Runtastic Orbit

This is a two-in-one device that combines the features of a running GPS with fitness band. The runtastic running GPS monitors your sleep cycle and provides information on your runs and daily fitness activities, and delivers the data to the runtastic app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can view the data like running metrics, calories and distance easily on your phone. But you have to wear both the GPS and your smartphone when you’re running.

Polar M400

This is one of the latest running GPS additions that tracks distance, altitude and pace via in built GPS. But more than most other running GPS, this machine comes with some cool features. It provides 24/7 monitoring of your training and running activities, and you can tune the internal timer to be customized into your preferred training options. As you use the device, it monitors your activities and adapts to it, so that it can even tell you the time you’ll finish a race based on your pace. It also has a back-to-start option for people who easily get lost or run on their travels.

Timex Iron Man

This is a GPS designed for the hardcore athletes and runners. It does not just show your running data, but delivers them in smartphone style with its GPS and 3G option. It has an SOS mode that can send messages out if you find yourself in some kind of situation. Its 4GB internal memory and 8 hour battery capacity makes it the watch to look out for in the coming future.

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How to choose a Sat Nav for Your Car

Choosing the right sat nav for your car can be really very confusing if you are intending to buy the system” satnav”. If you are not sure about it, you ought to take different video solutions which assist you to make a decision between hand-held and as well as different kinds of sat navs which are integrated. You can find various options while heading to shop.

You can either buy it online or head yourself to the particular place. It will save your time and provides you with better price. Before buying, you are recommended to have a thorough look at list containing all of the best buys of the available sat nav. So, it is very wise decision to try different sat navs and assure if they work properly or not. It is not that big challenge to make good choices. But you ought to be highly careful and choosy.

The first step that you need to take is to know the availability of various kinds of sat navs that are in the current market. It has been observed that they come especially in 3 different kinds. The first has provision to be automatically built in a car. Another part can itself be an integral part within PDA. Then there is last one that comes as one unique function. Then, you have to get idea about its application and way of applying it effectively.

Choosing the types of sat navs is your free choice .it mostly depends on the kind of journey you tread occasionally. If you are occasional driverand require occasion driving in particular short distances, then single functioning model can be good option. Various companies like Garmin, Mio, Navman are providing such models in better prices and functionalities. But, in case you need regular driving, then you are expected to buy a car with automatic sat nav installation in it.

Likewise, sat nav which comes as a part of mobile or PDA is recommended if you have to be up-to date with official stuffs like phone calls, e-mails. So, it will prove you to be the best solution where you will have no regrets. Similarly, the next thing that you need to keep in considerations is research functions that sat nav can perform. They have wide functionalities such as information on roads, list containing places, traffic information and camera locations. You also need to gain information on hidden costs.

There is difference between sat-nav reviews (entry level) like Navman F20 and other such as Mio C710 and Garmin 660. Other features like map details, traffic information can also be subscribed. Then, with the changing technology, you should check consumer magazine and latest versions of satnav in the market. Such information will assist in making wise decisions.

As latest versions will come with better facilities and greater accessibility, it will help you to make right choices. It is very necessary to choose right sat nav cautiously with important details. There are latest trends in the market with special characteristics features so that you can view routes, and different dimensional features.

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Choosing the Best Hand-Held GPS

GPS devices can be very useful for reaching a distant place with the help of geographic position. These GPS devices are capable of providing location data which are not available on any other devices. Now how to choose the GPS device that suits your needs the best? The following tips will go a long way to help you choose the best handheld GPS.

Touch Screen or not?
The first question you need ask yourself while deciding to buy a handheld GPS is whether you need a touch screen GPS or a normal one. Though the choice of screen types is strictly on the basis of your personal preference, it is better to go for a touch screen handheld GPS as it will offer faster user experience. But there is a catch. The handheld GPS devise that come with touch screens cannot be operated under bright sunlight or at least the performance is not that much satisfactory. In this case, you can opt for a traditional screen. This type of screen is also battery friendly.

For More Information – See Which Navigator

Do you demand car navigation option?
Handheld GPS devices nowadays come with car navigation features with them. Some of the handheld devices may not entertain this feature. If you want to have the car navigation feature, choose a handheld GPS that offers it. Some of the companies are manufacturing handheld GPS devices dedicated for auto or car navigation.
Consider the option of Electronic Compass
While purchasing a handheld GPS, you can also consider the option of buying a device that has electronic compass with it. This is definitely an added feature with just a little more cost. Electronic compasses are very useful for navigating in the dark. This will help you to navigate accurately. The electronic compass feature is the point where the normal handheld GPSs are differentiated from the high end ones. So, go for the one which fulfills your needs the best.
Consider the option of Barometric Altimeter
This extra feature will help you to determine the latitude and longitude of your position in place where altitude is very high. So, basically, this feature will allow you to navigate more easily and accurately over the mountains and hilly areas.
Consider the option of GLONASS
You can also consider whether you need the added option of GLONASS- a Russian satellite constellation based global positing system in your handheld GPS or not. The extra feature of GLONASS will give you much faster navigation under any natural disastrous situation.

You need to consider the above mentioned features on the basis of your needs and then go for the features that are mandatory for you. Afterwards, you can go to the market and check all the available options for handheld GPS and buy the one that matches all your expectations. It is also recommended that you consider the price issue in your mind while choosing a handheld GPS for regular use. Last of all; do not forget to make sure that the device you are choosing is durable and sturdy.

For More Information See Which Navigator.com

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Is the story still holding your attention?

The length of the current story is now well into record-setting territory. Before this, “Tadpoles” was the previous winner with 33 installments. Now, at 36 episodes and the story not quite wrapped up, the record will be shattered before it’s over.

Is the story still holding your attention? Hopefully, I haven’t left out some plot point that made the whole thing incomprehensible. I’ve really enjoyed putting “The K-T Boundary” together, but I’m also looking forward to starting to tell you about the best gaming mouse pads. The plot of this story is so involved that I sometimes feel like the fish are being relegated to the background and I want the next one to have more banter. I’ve learned a lot, though, and the next long story will be that much the better for it (in case your wondering, it will involve a zombie dog).

Not exactly the strongest installment of the story, but Ted makes an important point about time travel – or spacetime travel to be more precise. Lots of questions remain: What happens to the ship with the nukes? What happens with the Cint, What did the comet have to do with anything? All these and more will begin to find answers in the coming installments as things come to a close. Here’s a draft of an upcoming panel for your viewing pleasure where you can see many top performing 3d printing pens that come in range of shapes and sizes:

Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy 2008!

My goal is to make 2008 a breakout year for “Fish Tank”. I don’t actually know what I mean by “breakout” or how I’m going to accomplish it, I just know I want to try and significantly increase the webcomic’s readership and its visibility.

The only ideas I have right now for how to find the best wine coolers are to accomplish this are to be on time with new posts and advertise a lot, so I’ve got a lot of brainstorming to do. And, as always, I’m open to your suggestions. I did inquire with the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards about being a presenter at their awards ceremony this Spring at MegaCon. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll have the resources to make the trip from Illinois to Florida, but my wife’s a big fan of Adrian Pasdar of Heroes and the fact the he’s going to be there doesn’t hurt my chances of going.

Anyone every been to MegaCon? Is it worth the trip?

Starting the Third Act and Looking Ahead

If all goes well and everyone in my family stays healthy, the current story will be over in the next 10 installments. I always said this would be the longest story to date, with close to 40 installments, but I never thought it would take so long timewise, too! Sorry again for all the delays!

If you can remember back before the “K-T Boundary” story, Fish Tank has also had some shorter story arcs that just take place in the aquarium and it’s surrounding area. We’re going to see several of those coming up after this story concludes. Click Here For More Information

Some upcoming plotlines in the works:

–Angelo gets a mail-order bride over the internet.

–Hoover eats a time bomb.

–Ted tries to upgrade the tank’s water heater and ends up bringing the Department of Homeland Security down on the people family.

First things first, though. We’ve found the nukes but there’s a lot of unanswered questions to be resolved and lots of jokes to be told before the world can officially be declared “saved”.

Did anyone watch the Academy Awards? Did anyone actually see any of the nominees? I didn’t (we watched NBA Basketball and a “Dexter” Season 1 DVD) and I didn’t.

I think “No Country for Old Men” looks like it’s got potential and Kristin has wanted to catch “Michael Clayton” for obvious reasons. Juno is one we would both watch. Just haven’t had the time.

Has anyone got any reviews to offer?
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Got a favorite fish?

Something I haven’t done in a while is to take a poll and ask which fish is your favorite. Ted, Angelo or Hoover?

Is there one that you don’t like? Are there any “guest” characters that you’d like to see back? Have your say!
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Any good conventions coming up?

Just curious if anyone’s going to any conventions soon. I was reading S*P yesterday and saw that R.K. Milholland’s going to one every month into the Spring. One of them’s called “No Brand Con” and is close enough to me (Wisconsin) that I’d consider going. Has anyone attended it before? Got any upcoming conventions to recommend?
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The “Triple Lindy”

Several illnesses have been going through my extended family and I’ve had them all now. Strep, flu and cold. All in a matter of a couple weeks. I’ve “hit the trifecta”, a triple threat! I don’t know why, but that just reminded me of the movie “Back to School” with Rodney Dangerfield and his famous platform dive, the “Triple Lindy”.

If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s pretty funny. At least, that’s how I remember it – it’s been a few years since I saw it. Anyone else like it?

Anyhow, I just hope I’m in the clear now.

You know how it’s hard to proof read your own writing because you only see what you meant to write and not what’s actually on the page? Sometimes I feel like cartoons work the opposite way. I went back and re-read “The KT Boundary” to see if it flowed for me and I couldn’t really judge the quality of the story because I not only knew how it ended, I also knew all the major plot points and realized I very nearly left some big holes because I’d been over the story so many times.

I was left with the feeling that the story could’ve been a lot tighter. But then again, it was meant to be read in segments so maybe it just reads differently when it’s taken in all at once. When I wrote it, I spent the entire time trying to balance humor with telling the story and I think the humor side of the equation suffered some. The characters too often faded into the background because of all the different things that needed to be mentioned to move the story along. In many cases, they were just reciting lines rather than saying what they would normally say.

On the good side, however, my goal had been to write a story that started off with some very disparate threads and eventually bring them all together and I feel like I did that. But I also feel that for the next long story I write, the impending disaster needs to be something sillier than Earth being invaded. If you think about it, this was a story that could’ve just as easily involved people instead of fish, and as such may have left the reader with the impression that the only reason the characters were fish was because I can’t draw people (I can, by the way). Either that or I’m taking the characters way too seriously.

All in all, I learned a lot and my next effort will be better for it. Oh, and I still really liked how the Cint turned out. It was tough because I wanted them to be so remorseless that they never even bothered to explain what they were going to do (no “monologuing” as they called it in “The Incredibles”). I struggled for a long time over whether or not they should even delay eating Hoover if he would give them information. In the end, I managed to tell the story through other means and still preserve the Cint’s malevolence, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Mailbag on Monday!

P.S. – January was the second-highest month for traffic in the history of Fish Tank (second only to May 2007, when I advertised heavily). Thanks for your continuing readership!
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We’re There!

This story has been put to bed, which is where I’m heading in about 5 minutes! I certainly hope you enjoyed it and welcome your feedback – positive or negative – on this story or anything else about the comic. I’ll have more to say tomorrow, er, later today.
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Hey Galactica Fans! Look what I found! Possible Season 4 “Spoilerage”

Battlestar Galactica’s been on hiatus for what? a year? So I’m pretty much craving any information I can get. When I came across these clips it was like finding an oasis in the desert. I don’t know if you would consider these to contain “Season 4 Spoilers”, but they do have more stuff in them than everything else I’ve seen combined. I know some of you are fellow sufferers so I had to post them here for your enjoyment as well. NOTE: They have a lot of overlap, but not completely.


This story wraps up Friday and it’s on to a new adventure. Well, actually, I might put a mailbag Monday as I have a backlog of questions built up. I had planned to do a mailbag every five or six episodes, but there was such a lull in updates that I felt it was more important to reward your patience and get through the story instead.

Does anyone have a preference – Part 1 of the new story or a Mailbag?

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