What’s the best running GPS?

Keeping track of your activities as a runner, swimmer or cyclist provides great advantage. You can measure your progress and know what to do to improve on it. This is what a running GPS does for you. If you’re thinking about buying one of the best TomTom Truckers GPS in the market, you’re in the right place.

Suunto Ambit2 S

This running GPS is smart, easy to use and can quickly be adapted from running to swimming and to other areas of physical activities. It can help runners track their speed, and bikers track their bike power and cadence. Swimmers will also be able to know their lap numbers, pace and stroke count. The watch has a surface that makes it look like a normal watch. This watch has a programmable pause to break feature, which can be very useful for athletes that regularly run into red lights.

Garmin forerunner 220

This running watch is a super tech machine that is designed for the modern runner. Its most valuable features include touchscreen display, high resolution and full color. It also has basic features that include tracking of heart and pace rate and distance tracking, and you can set it to automatically pause and resume sessions with respect to your speed. The watch is equipped to send data to the Garmin connect system, which gives you the power to track your performance live. The connect system can also feed your activities on social media and send you free training tips.

Runtastic Orbit

This is a two-in-one device that combines the features of a running GPS with fitness band. The runtastic running GPS monitors your sleep cycle and provides information on your runs and daily fitness activities, and delivers the data to the runtastic app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can view the data like running metrics, calories and distance easily on your phone. But you have to wear both the GPS and your smartphone when you’re running.

Polar M400

This is one of the latest running GPS additions that tracks distance, altitude and pace via in built GPS. But more than most other running GPS, this machine comes with some cool features. It provides 24/7 monitoring of your training and running activities, and you can tune the internal timer to be customized into your preferred training options. As you use the device, it monitors your activities and adapts to it, so that it can even tell you the time you’ll finish a race based on your pace. It also has a back-to-start option for people who easily get lost or run on their travels.

Timex Iron Man

This is a GPS designed for the hardcore athletes and runners. It does not just show your running data, but delivers them in smartphone style with its GPS and 3G option. It has an SOS mode that can send messages out if you find yourself in some kind of situation. Its 4GB internal memory and 8 hour battery capacity makes it the watch to look out for in the coming future.

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